In Memory

In the wake of the horrific deaths of two woman joggers in the last week, I am compelled to write – out of grief and out of anger. First, these women are VICTIMS – they are not at fault for running alone in broad daylight, they did not choose to become prey. They were living their lives. This is an unthinkable crime, one that hits far too close to home in the sense that “This could have been me”. But please, do not re-write their story in implying they were being careless, reckless, or putting themselves in a compromised position.
We are runners. As a woman, I am always aware of my surroundings, ALWAYS. But I will never let fear dictate my running path. I will never not lace up my shoes and burn off stress, get my mind straight, or flat out sweat it out because I am a potential victim. I am strong. These women were strong. We live in a scary world, and of course we should always be thoughtful to our choices – but death is not a consequence for a run. And women – be mindful, be prepared, but don’t stop running.

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