I began seeing Erin after a year-and-a-half of bilateral Achilles tendonopathy. Various proven exercises and routine massage had been leading nowhere. I had been certain that my days of running long distances were over. Erin began by assessing my gait and identifying the muscle groups I was overutilizing and underutilizing. She quickly developed a set of doable exercises that would overhaul my running posture, and she also taught me how to breathe properly. What’s more, she tailored my home PT regimen to my chaotic schedule in a manner that allowed me to actually do the exercises and modify how my body ran. It worked! Several months after beginning therapy with Erin, I had trained pain-free for a full marathon and finished the race. I was ecstatic. My Achilles tendons never complained throughout the entire marathon. I am so grateful for her expertise, enabling me to continue running, injury-free.

Tess Chapman


After my third ACL replacement surgery on the same knee which also took out 40% of my meniscus, I was told running wasn’t going to be an option anymore. Although I’m not competitive, being able to run deep into the mountains is one of my greatest sources of happiness. With Erin’s encouragement and rehabilitation, I was able not only to get back to running, but run farther and faster than before. Since that last surgery, I’ve been able to complete numerous ultra-distance mountain runs including a 120 mile trail run with the elevation gain of Mt. Everest, completed the entire Wonderland trail in one 34 hour run, and go on a 10 day, 220 mile, solo running trek from the middle of the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean. Thanks Erin!

Brandon Sack


Erin helped me overcome a persistent and challenging calf injury. She was diligent, creative and never gave up while working with me. Along the way she helped me with my running form, training plans, finding good shoes and enthusiastically cheered my successes, even though they were modest compared to her other clients.

The best thing about working with Erin, though, was that she helped me from falling into despair as I dealt with my injuries. She acknowledged my frustration, but always gave me perspective (informed by her experience) to balance it out.

David Sebba

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Erin Coomer is my hero! She literally changed the way I run; and it’s the only reason why I could continue to complete in Ironman races this year.
She is extremely knowledgeable and takes key physiological concepts and helps the athlete interpret them into actionable exercises. With Erin’s instruction, I was able to qualify for 70.3 World Championships and come in 8th place in Ironman Arizona. I not only love to run now, it is no longer painful. Thanks Erin!

Natalie Komar

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